Traditional medicine nouns dictionary 3.0

No Image medicine, Japanese medicine and Korean medicine etc. are called "traditional medicine". Traditional medicine nouns dictionary has collected more than 3,000 traditional medicine nouns` brief introduction, which shows in 7 big classified catalogues and 38 small classified catalogues. And each name is translated according to the newest specification of WHO, each item has aspects of Chinese, Definition/Description. It is supported by English, Simplified

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herb medicine refining dictionary 3.0

medicine in details, which basically cover all kinds of herb medicine used in daily life. It contains 11 main categories of herb medicine, including fruit and seed category, complete herb category, leaf category, flower category, cortex category, stem category, resin category, animal category, mineral substance category, root and rootstalk category, etc. Each kind of medicine has the content of Latin name, alias, origin, refining, purpose of refining

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MB Medicine Wheel 1.0

Medicine Wheels are Native American sacred circular hoops which were used for religious rituals. This form of divination has been found to be very accurate and effective. MB Medicine Wheel is based on this theory. Medicine wheels are usually numbered stones kept in the form of a circle. They are used in Native American spiritual healing rituals. Each stone has its own significance and can help in solving your problems. The medicine wheels are also

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Traditional medicine books dictionary 3.0

Traditional medicine books dictionary has collected more than 150 ancient medicine books` brief introduction in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc. It has 8 classified catalogues, whose names are translated according to the newest specification of WHO. And each book has the aspects of Author/Editor, Preferred English title/Annotation, Issued year, Country, Categories and so on.

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EM.MCQ 2.0.5: EM.MCQ is an Emergency Medicine MCQ database, editor and study tool.
EM.MCQ 2.0.5

Medicine Multiple Choice Questions (EM.MCQ) is the best tool for practicing, collecting and writing MCQs in emergency medicine. EM.MCQ is a multiple choice question database, editor and study tool. It includes over 700 MCQ covering topics in Emergency Medicine from major current texts. The user interface is easy and intuitive to use, allowing quick and efficient study. The range of question difficulties will suit medical students, residents and emergency

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NutriGenie High Fiber Diet 7.8: Nutrition software based on high fiber principle
NutriGenie High Fiber Diet 7.8

Medicine. Dr. Anderson is Professor of Medicine and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Kentucky. Diabetes Generous fiber intake lowers blood glucose levels, reduces insulin needs and improves blood glucose control. An HCF Nutrition Plan helps control diabetes with diet rather than medicine by reducing (for Type 1) or eliminating (for Type 2) the need for medicines or insulin. High Cholesterol Foods rich in soluble fiber, such as oat products

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Internal Medicine Hospital H&P Template 1

MedicalTemplates has developed a 2 page internal medicine hospital history and physical template. This template is suitable for hospitalists, internal medicine physicians, family practice physicians, and other health care providers.

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